Selected Works For Piano

Publishing House KOMPOZITOR, 2020. 72 с.
ISMN: 979-0-706450-01-8
Russian composer Jean Laskovsky (1799 - 1855) wrote many works for piano and is considered the founder of the Russian piano school of music. He was influenced by Weber, Mendelsshon, Schubert and especially Chopin, but he has his own style, manners and poetic world.

Compiled by Anatoly Zucker

ISMN 979-0-706450-01-8




 Nocturne си бемоль минор – B flat minor

Valse a la russe – Valse in russian style

Valse a la juive – Valse in jewish style

Seconde mazurka – Mazurka # 2

Dixième mazurka – Mazurka # 10

14me mazurka – Mazurka # 14

Рассказ старушки – Песня без слов – The Old Woman Tale – Song without words

Scherzo соль минор – G minor

Scherzo си бемоль минор – B flat minor

Ballade фа диез минор – F sharp minor

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