The art of playing domra

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Moscow: "COMPOSER" publishing House", 2019
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"The art of playing the domra" is addressed to teachers and students of music schools, colleges and universities, as well as professional performers. 

For more than 60 years of professional education on the domra was in its infancy. Few people thought about the need to develop a methodology. Everyone wanted to prove that solo performance on domra had a right to exist. The few performers went their separate ways and paid little attention to the generalization of their performing experience. Now times have changed, and the teaching methodology requires a comprehensive, comprehensive, scientific-based approach, which is what this publication has undertaken.
Kruglov V. P. the Art of playing the domra. 2nd edition, corrected and updated. - Moscow: "COMPOSER" publishing House, 2019. - 216 p. ISBN 978-5-6042096-6-0