Personalities of jazz

or who's who in American jazz music
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Over the past more than 100 years since its birth, jazz from the red light district of New Orleans has entered the broad road of real great art, penetrating into remote corners of not only America, but also many countries of the world, mastering the minds and interests of people far from music, turning into a multi-faceted and multi-faceted direction of music. A huge contribution to the development of jazz and the creation of masterpieces of jazz music is made by brilliant musicians: composers, performers, orchestra leaders, vocalists, arrangers, i.e. professionals involved in the creation of a great art called jazz. And if at the beginning of the formation of jazz musicians in many cases and for various reasons, almost combined diverse roles and acted simultaneously as music writers and performers, then with the development and improvement of jazz, there is a specialization and a clear distinction between the functions of each of the participants in the process of creating jazz works, although some particularly versatile and talented musicians still perform both in the field of composition and performance and lead orchestras at the same time. The primary role in this process belongs to composers who compose notes for works of jazz and popular music. Many great composers created masterpieces of jazz music that will live for many years, if not forever. In the future, if necessary, lyricists-authors of words-appear on the stage, as well as processing and polishing of the original material by specialist arrangers. The compositions brought to perfection are then placed at the disposal of business band leaders, instrumentalists, and vocalists, who complete the process of creating a masterpiece with their performance. V. V. DEMENTYEV
(or WHO's WHO in American jazz music)
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